Anna Osherov

CEO and Founder of Holistic Business Hub

About Anna

Anna Osherov is a Holistic Marketing Specialist, a Trainer, a Speaker, a Positive change maker.

As Founder of Holistic Business Hub and Revive Success Retreats, her personal vision is for every person to love the life they live. And her mission is to cause global transformation by inspiring every person to be extraordinary. This may sound idealistic and one may ask; how can a marketing specialist achieve these goals? The answer; helping those that help others.

She was born in Ukraine when it was still part of the USSR and arrived on the shores of Melbourne in 1989. As an avid traveler, Anna has visited 38 countries on 6 continents around the world exploring cultures, meeting new people and snowboarding. In the last decade, she has committed myself to further personal and business development and finally settled into a life of service that she loves.

Since completing her Bachelor of Communications in 2003 she has worked at award-winning marketing agencies, consulted to small business owners and NFPs, run a franchise of Aussie Farmers Direct, founded Revive Success Training and has just launched the Holistic Business Hub, a beautiful and calming venue for hire where holistic practitioners, business professionals, and soulpreneurs can host their own events, a space where people can teach, learn, collaborate and grow.