Tich Gowora

Entrepreneur and Business Growth Strategist

About Tich

As a former engineer, Tich learned how to manage projects within a set budget and timeline. He is creative in his management of projects and created trusted relationships with his clients to ensure they got their desired outcomes. Tich started his first business in 2012 and was guided by his mentors to leverage all the experience he had gathered over the years in the different roles he had. His infectious smile, creative thinking and positive outlook had allowed him to be a great asset to the sales and engineering companies he had worked for.

Tich’s strength comes from combining his two passions, which are people and technology, to his ability to strategically analyse the problems the business is facing with both. He helps businesses understand how to use technology in this digital age to reach their intended users. With so much change occurring to the client journey due to the digital revolution, it can be difficult for businesses to navigate through the various platforms on offer.

His experience working with clients in developing marketing campaigns, sales funnels, lead generation websites and mobile apps has given him a unique insight on what helps drive client engagement. Understanding what drives people helps him provide customized solutions for his clients where results can be tracked and performance is increased.

Tich is process driven and strives to educate his clients on all aspects that affect their growth and the formation of deeper loyalty with their target client base, to ensure their long-term success. Tich has been a Facebook coach, educating clients on how to create successful business pages and run successful marketing campaigns. Having run so many campaigns personally and with his team they were able to see trends that provided a greater return on the marketing investment. He brings this experience of understanding clients, the technology and being able to break it down as simply as possible to the stage for his clients and attendees at the Business Authorities Formula Event and Masterclass.