Susan Dean

CEO of Dean Publishing

About Susan

Susan Dean was always destined to help people flourish and prosper in all areas of their lives.

Susan first began her career as a youth worker, passionate to help make a difference in teenagers’ lives. Over time, she extended her passion to include adults and expanded her services to become a qualified business and life coach. Susan has always listened to others stories and her empathy to understand and assist others toward success has become a signature trait of hers.

Today, Susan still listens to others and empowers their voice, however it is on a much larger scale than ever before. Susan’s expertise in hearing and delivering heartfelt inspiring stories has extended to publishing. Within the last 10 years Susan has produced and published over 350 stories of success ranging from business success, to personal triumph and even charity organisations. Susan has produced 13 international bestsellers in compilation style books and has expanded her business considerably over the last few years, creating her unique “Stress-Free Book System” which includes the unique “Interactive Book System”. Though many publishers in recent times have stopped or slowed down considerably, Susan’s business is only growing stronger. Susan puts it down to keeping up with the trends and keeping ahead of the market in publishing. She has sought the best coaches who mentor her in life and business, she is part of many training programs so she is kept abreast of all the latest business and marketing strategies. Susan has completed life mastery with Tony Robbins, studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-line therapy® and Ericksonian Hypnosis with Tad James and other various expert trainers. Susan also trained closely with Dr John Gray, relationship expert and author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and trained around the world with multiple experts in writing, speaking, coaching, business, marketing and most fascists of business building that has her stand out from any other traditional publisher.

Susan loves to wake up every morning and do what she loves to do – tell people’s stories to help them grow their own business or cause. A dedicated Australian publisher, Susan lives her dream everyday – and now she teaches others how to do the same.