Stone Gye

Entrepreneur and Business Growth Strategist

About Stone

If there is a way for you to touch the garment of infinity you may wish to be deeply impregnated by possibility; what would happen if your facilitator were a mix of Hypnotherapist, Strength Coach, Combat Veteran, Lomi Lomi Masseur, Business Coach, Digital Agency Strategist, Senior Landmark Worldwide Graduate and Business Automation Junkie?

Meet Stone Gye.

You can no longer hide. There is a glorious light shining through and from you, exposing your most intimate secrets and your exquisite divinity.

Welcome to the Real You.

At his worst, Stone was insubordinate, violently passionate and unyielding. In his most resourceful states, you see your reflection in his face. This is because he sees you as who you really are and relates to your possibility, not the stories you unconsciously tell yourself. The impact of being with him is you get to exceed wherever and whoever you have been being. The common denominator everyone has experienced by being in his presence is that they are compelled to lift their game and be bigger than their perceptions.

He doesn’t put something in you that wasn’t there. He reminds you of your perfect awesomeness and provides suggestions on how to always be in that flow. What would happen for you and your community when your life and your business are performing ten – twenty times more productively?

This is how Stone brings dreams into reality.

“You don’t have a true brand until what you say is more important than what you sell”Stone Gye