Crystelle Topatan

Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, and Educator

About Crystelle

Crystelle is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and educator. As one of Australia’s leading sales & marketing automation strategists, Crystelle has spent 15+ years working in Marketing and Events throughout Australia. She founded Launch Business Automation, a Business Automation Agency, and has grown it to be Australia’s leading Infusionsoft Certified Partner.
As the Founder and Managing Director at Launch Business Automation, Crystelle provides…

• Sales, marketing, and business automation advice: how to make more revenue by working smarter and doing less.
• Scaling processes: How to take your business to the next level of growth
• Ninja Infusionsoft strategies – Stay ahead of the game by getting your strategy straight from the source.
• Marketing, Business & Sales automation: how a little can go a long way to increasing your ROI – and how to do it for YOUR business.

Launch Business Automation was founded 5+ years ago starting with just herself. Since then, Crystelle has built a strong 15+ person agency, looking after clientele from all over the world focused on attracting, keeping, converting & closing more leads, all the while getting their internal systems humming like a machine behind the scenes.

Crystelle has worked with and promoted speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Peter Morrissey, Kerwin Rae, The Wolf of Wall Street (Jordan Belfort), Dr. John Demartini and has personally impacted countless people through her own seminars and workshops.

As an experienced, automation specialist, Crystelle is passionate about working with business owners who are dissatisfied with their current results & want to accelerate growth & profit fast. She has walked in the shoes of a start-up business owner and understands what it takes to run a growing, local and global business. Crystelle has been engaged by businesses of all levels for her down-to-earth business strategy advice and continues to share her learnings through educational events and one-on-one advice.